Amsterdam Bars Reopen

The Amsterdam Lockdown has been lifted and Amsterdam bars and Clubs are back open for business! After this long and testing time, we are delighted to announce that the pub crawls will start happening again soon and we are looking forward to welcoming you all back to party hard and celebrate together.

Covid-19 update and new regulations for Amsterdam's bars and clubs

Amsterdam Bars reopening is a massive relief for everyone in the city and after such a long time of sobriety we’re looking forward to getting back and drinking twice as much to make up for it! 

Ultimate Party will start running pub crawls and tours in the Dutch Capital once the "1.5 meters distance" rule will be gone and once the Authorities will allow people dancing in the clubs again. Hopefully we will open right after summer, and we wish to see as many of you as possible over the coming months! It’s time to book a trip to Amsterdam – you’ve deserved it! 

Planning a long-awaited trip to Amsterdam after Coronavirus? Join the city’s best celebrations with Ultimate Party Amsterdam. We work with the best Bars and Club Amsterdam have to offer! Check out our Pub Crawls here!