The Best Cocktail Bars In Amsterdam

Fancy treating yourself to a cocktail? Here’s where to go… Treating yourself to a perfectly mixed drink at an Amsterdam cocktail bar is the perfect way to kick off your holiday in style – you’ve earned it! But if you’re going to enjoy a great cocktail at one of these decadent nightspots, you’ll want to […]

Best Hip Hop Clubs In Amsterdam

Fan of Hip Hop? Check out these bars and clubs for the best beats in Amsterdam. Hip Hop has been a popular genre in Amsterdam since its inception in the 1970s and, whilst there are few dedicated hip hop clubs in Amsterdam, a number of the city’s most famous and best-loved venues have weekly nights […]

Live Music In Amsterdam

Wanting to see some live music in Amsterdam? Find out how… WHERE TO SEE LIVE MUSIC IN AMSTERDAM? If you’re wondering where to see live music in Amsterdam, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of great options. Amsterdam has a vibrant music scene that offers a large variety of live music, enjoyed by […]

Drink Local – Best Amsterdam Beers

The most popular alcoholic drink in the Netherlands is beer – and for good reason. The Dutch produce some of the world’s most popular beer and the Netherlands is home to some of the best-known global brands. Household names such as Heineken, Amstel and Grolsch are all produced in this small European country and the […]

Campsites In Amsterdam

Looking for alternative Amsterdam accommodation on a budget? Check out the campsites in the capital! Although Amsterdam is a major European capital with a bustling centre, the Netherlands is a nation of happy campers. Go to any campsite in Europe and you’ll probably find a Dutchman eating a cheese sandwich on a folding chair. The […]

Movies Set In Amsterdam

Itching to be in Amsterdam but locked down at home? Explore the Dutch capital from your sofa by watching these classic movies set in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has been a popular location for a number of famous films over the years. From Hollywood blockbusters to lesser known arts films, Amsterdam’s canal belt has formed the backdrop […]

Rainy Day Activities In Amsterdam

What to do in Amsterdam when it’s pouring down? The Dutch capital is one of the most rainy cities in Europe, however showers and storms still allow you to do a lot of activities. Although the weather is often quite good during the summer months in Amsterdam, it is pretty unpredictable and during the long […]

Amsterdam Bars Reopen

The Amsterdam Lockdown has been lifted and Amsterdam bars and Clubs are back open for business! After this long and testing time, we are delighted to announce that the pub crawls will start happening again soon and we are looking forward to welcoming you all back to party hard and celebrate together. COVID-19 UPDATE AND […]

The Best Markets In Amsterdam

Markets are a fantastic way to get a feel for a city’s culture – they have formed the beating heart of communities for centuries and Amsterdam has some really good ones. From traditional cheese markets to international melting pots in areas with high numbers of immigrants from all around the world, Amsterdam’s markets are where […]

A Guide To The Best Night Out Post Covid-19 Closures

What to do in Amsterdam now that Corona is behind us we have got you covered A Guide to the Best Night Out Post Covid-19 Closures The world was shut down for almost two years and, here in Amsterdam, the nightlife was especially missed! If you (and your friends) are looking for incredible nights out […]