Kings Night PUB CRAWL

King’s Night Pub Crawl

King’s Day 2020 – Amsterdam’s best and biggest party of the year is probably something you will have heard about! But you may not have heard of King’s Night… The night before King’s Day 2020 will be another big party, as Amsterdammers take to the clubs and bars to get the party started before the big day.

How will we celebrate the night before King’s Day 2020?

Over the King’s Day weekend, the city becomes a sea of orange as everyone dresses up to celebrate the King’s birthday and de facto national day of the Netherlands. And to make sure that no one feels left out and everyone gets into the spirit of the weekend, we’ll be giving you all a free orange King’s Night Pub Crawl t-shirt!

Our King’s Night Pub Crawl is always one of our biggest and craziest of the year – in addition to the 30 mins of unlimited free vodka, you’ll also get a free beer/wine at each of the 5 bars that we go to that night!

Come and celebrate all things Dutch on our King’s Night Pub Crawl and kick off the country’s crazy King’s Day weekend in style!



Sunday 26th of April

Starts 8:30 - 9:45 PM

Meeting Place

Candela Bar (Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 85)

Pick up for Dam Sqaure Area

Meet Our Guide in the RED T-SHIRT between 8:00pm  - 8:15pm @ in front of the Albert Heijn behind the Royal Palace on Dam Square! 

Why wait inline when you can book your ticket online! Buy your tickets online, skip the queue and get an additional free JAGERMEISTER shot for making your advance purchase!


* A Valid physical ID is required *
* Casual Attire - No Backpacks, Sweatpants/Gymshorts, Sandals//Flipflops allowed *

*In order to cancel and refund this ticket we require a 48 hour notice in order to do so. In case of refund we will still charge for the credit card fees