Rainy Day Activities In Amsterdam

What to do in Amsterdam when it’s pouring down? The Dutch capital is one of the most rainy cities in Europe, however showers and storms still allow you to do a lot of activities.

Although the weather is often quite good during the summer months in Amsterdam, it is pretty unpredictable and during the long Dutch winters, rainy days are extremely common. Don’t despair though! If you’re not keen to get wet, there are plenty of great things to do when it rains in Amsterdam. Here are some of our favourites!


Just because it’s raining that’s no reason not to get out on a boat and enjoy a crazy booze cruise! Getting soaked to the skin isn’t much fun but there’s no need to worry – we’re prepared for the weather come rain or shine! Our boats have covers for bad weather and heated cushions, blankets and enough booze to (almost) sink a ship so you’ll be kept warm and cosy. Are you visiting during December or Januari? Then you are lucky enough to experience the yearly Amsterdam light festival.

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Amsterdam West’s Foodhallen is a great place to hang out when the weather turns. This cultural hub is in one of the coolest parts of the city (Oud-West) and is based in an old factory. Nowadays, De Hallen are home to cinemas, bars and restaurants – its Foodhallen is a like a covered market where innumerable little eateries serve up fresh food in a street food style from all around the world. It’s definitely worth exploring on a rainy day, or come to that, in any weather!


Been exploring and got caught in a downpour? You’ll need somewhere to dry off and get comfy. Luckily the city is full of so-called Brown Cafés, local neighbourhood bars which are incredibly cosy old places (often dating back several centuries) where you can grab a drink and wait for the weather to pass. They almost always serve local bar snacks, including bitterballen, the perfect treat for a rainy day. If you’re feeling a bit chilly, be sure to order a Jenever – this Dutch precursor to Gin is the perfect warming drink when the weather turns!


If you want to know where all the beer that you’ve been enjoying on (previously) sunny terraces came from, why not head over to an Amsterdam Brewery to check it out! Although the best-known beer-themed attraction is the Heineken Experience, there are a number of smaller, more special breweries in the city where you can find out about the brewing process and even try some samples!


Rainy Days and Museums go hand in hand. But don’t let memories of being dragged around some dusty, boring museum by your parents put you off. Amsterdam has some of the most interesting and unusual museums in the world. As well as the famous Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum (both well worth visiting for art enthusiasts), Amsterdam has some more out-there options. The Cannabis Museum is a popular spot in the Red-Light District, or if you’d like to understand more about the history and life of sex-workers in this part of town, head over to the Prostitution Museum! There’s something for every interest!