Erin | Ireland

What better way to learn your way around the city night life and meet people from all over the world with this pub crawl! Easily made the trip for us girls and was the highlight of our stay. Cheapest night out too for us because of all the extra shots free, etc. The reps help make it too and organised it brilliantly - A shout out to our guides from Dicks from your new Irish friends :D

Soya | Germany

Had a great night with awesome people from all over the world! Do it - it's a cheap way to drink and you get guided by the best team ever, thanks for a great night Ultimate Party Amsterdam!

Caitlin | Australia

Ohhhh my gosh! Best night we have in Amsterdam so far! We were meant to have a quiet night, Until we stumbled past Nick and Claudia we clicked with them straight away, they told us what the night was about and we were sold! Walked into the pub and straight away getting jäger free poured into our mouths! No doubt we'll be back at least twice before we go! Honestly awesome night! Shoutout to Rhys, Claudia and Nick who just made our nights!

Patrice | France

Such a good night out. The staff were a LOT of fun and also really helpful. Would definitely recommend going on this by yourself or with some friends - for the price you pay you get way more back in free drinks and club entry etc!

Ashley | New Zealand

Pub crawl was really great, definitely recommend! Our tour girl named Cathy absolutely nailed it - Amsterdam is a crazy city and it's good to have someone like her to show you whats up!

Veronika | Canada

My friend and I wanted to meet some new people while in Amsterdam and this pub crawl was perfect! We met a lot of people and especially the hosts were really nice and friendly. I wish I had more energy to do another one the next day but I was too hungover! We did the Red Light district one and had a great night, special thanks to Timo! :)

Jeff | The Netherlands

I've to say, I've been on a few pubcrawls here and there around Europe, but this one was better than most of em. Ultimate Party was as is the name says an Ultimate-freckin-Party . Met plenty of new friends, got a free shirt, free drinks and vodka shots, partied all night, awesome guides really got the party going and they pulled this synchronized dance routine for one of the songs, it was great! The music was awesome, the live DJ's really topped that off! Ultimate Party Pub Crawl I'd recommend over other pubcrawls out here. I think I might go again for New Years!

Alex | Gibraltar

Never have i met so many people from all walks of life! Americans, Mexicans, Brazilians, Aussies, Brits, Germans... it's hardcore from the moment you start! All bars are in close proximity - Vodka shots are shoved down your neck out of bottles (vodka with the flavour of what i could only imagine as watermelon?!) Great atmosphere and definitely my best pub crawl ever!

Georgia | Australia

Did this on the Thursday night and was so fun I did it again on Saturday night! The tour guides were all super nice and went out of their way to make sure everyone was having a good time, it's also awesome to meet so many different people from around the world (or in my case meet people who went to school with your housemate ). Best value for drinks too, even in most of the bars they had really cheap drinks/shots if the one free shot didn't do it for ya. Genuinely just had the best time and wish I could do it every night!

Jamie | Ireland

Best part of our weekend in Amsterdam. It was so well organised the tour guides were so nice and so helpful with everything. Was so good to meet so many people from all around the world. Definitely would highly recommend it. Best value for money, plenty of free shots and great pubs!

Coco | USA

Ok, so you can't come to Amsterdam and not do a pub crawl! We visited 5 different pub, our guide was awesome and a lot of fun and there were loads of drinks that were included in the price. They took us through the Red Light District which was just crazy! We really enjoyed the pub crawl since we got to see the parts we wouldn't have discovered on our own. Thanks guys!

James | England

Been on the Ultimate Pub Crawl in Amsterdam 3 times - once back in 2015, twice in a more recent visit and every night has been the most memorable of nights! you meet loads of people as everytime I've been even in the colder months (January '15 and February '18) they don't seem to struggle to attract people on them. For all you get included it's well worth the money, the actual bars we were taken too were good also!

Paul | Canada

Sickest night of our eurotrip - If you are planning to do this night make sure to come prepared. What a crazy night we had!! Shoutout to the staff that made the final Saturday of our trip unforgettable!

Jessica | Switzerland

We were a group of friends coming to Amsterdam for a birthday and we had the best time! The tour guides Dan, Cathy and Abbi did a great job and we had soooo much fun!!! I would totally recommend it to everyone and will do it again when I‘m back in this great city - for suuure! Thank you so much for an awesome and unforgettable night in amsterdam.

Bruce | Australia

Been travelling around Europe for 3 months and have done pub crawls everywhere In Europe - this is by far the best one, get loads of free shoots and meet heaps cool people, the guides were really great too!

Murray | Scotland

Met a great bunch of travellers! All the staff were friendly and chatty! Would recommend and can't wait to be doing it again when I come back to Amsterdam!

Lucy | USA

We were expecting a small group of people, however there were around 50-100 people attending!  The bars were great (especially the silent disco!), guides were very helpful and friendly and the bar crawl was very good value for money! Would definitely recommend and will definitely be partaking again on my next trip to Amsterdam!

Eoin | Ireland

We went on the Leidseplein pubcrawl and we had such good craic! We met so many other people on the pubcrawl! Made so many new friends who I still keep in contact with!! Really recommend going, really good deals in the bars and clubs!

Gijs | Belgium

The Pub Crawl was amazing, you get to meet people from all over the world while getting a buzz. We ended the night with VIP seating at the nightclub! I would definitely do this again!

Lucia | Italy

Super crazy fun and great organization. It really is worth the price, went with two friends and had a lot of fun!