The Best Amsterdam Hangover Cures

Need to shift a post-Pub Crawl hangover? Here are Amsterdam’s best cures.

After a night on the Pub Crawl, a hangover is something of a certainty. But when your time in this incredible city is precious and there’s another night of partying ahead of you, getting rid of that hangover is the priority.

Here are our top tips for getting rid of your hangover and getting ready to make the most of another day in our favourite city on earth!


Assuming the night hasn’t been too heavy and you’ve sobered up by the morning, getting some exercise and going for a gentle cycle through the park is a pretty good way of shifting the excesses of the night before. Need more convincing? Check out our blog on why you should rent bikes in Amsterdam or find out more about bike rentals here.


We Are Amsterdam’s Hangover Cruise ticks the boxes when it comes to an ultimate hangover cure – although a boat trip with a hangover might not seem like the best idea for people feeling a bit delicate the morning after the night before, it combines some of the best ways to shift a splitting hangover. As many hair of the dogs as you can stomach and plenty of fresh air whilst seeing the city’s sights. You can find out more about the Amsterdam Hangover Cruise here.


A good breakfast is just what you’ll need after a heavy night of partying but, assuming you’ve enjoyed a lie-in, it’ll be time for brunch. Nothing quite sorts you out like a boozy brunch. G’s in Jordaan is on an old boat and you can enjoy any of the brunch menu options with four (yes, four!) bloody mary’s for 30 euros. That’ll set you up for the day nicely! If you’re not sure you can handle it, try out Greenwood’s for the best Full English in town (trust me – I’m English and I’ve tried a few in Amsterdam but none stand up to Greenwoods in either authenticity or hangover-busting quality).


Need to prepare for a big night? Check out this Amsterdam-based company’s revolutionary new offering! Inspired by the hangover-clinics of Las Vegas, Ibiza and Miami, Always Bright has developed a science-based hangover relief – it’s the result of decades of hangover-related research and the perfect remedy to the unfortunate side effects of a big night out in Amsterdam.


You’ve had a crazy night out and really don’t feel up to any of the above? There’s no point lying in bed and just looking at the four walls of your hostel dorm. Head out and join the throngs of locals soaking up the sun in Amsterdam’s numerous parks. Or if you really need to get it together, head over to Sloterplas where relax on the little man-made beach, grab an ice cream and take a dip. The cold refreshing water will make you feel a hundred times better even if nothing else has!

Now your hangover is cured, get ready for a Pub Crawl – after all, you only live once…