Amsterdam is a city that thrives on creativity and innovation, and this is clearly reflected in its vibrant bar scene. From hidden speakeasies to quirky themed bars, there’s no shortage of unique spots to enjoy a drink. If you’re looking to spice up your night out with something a little different, here’s our guide to the best themed bars in Amsterdam. Don’t forget to check out our Red Light Pub Crawl and Downtown Club Crawl for more nightlife adventures!

The Butcher: A Secret Speakeasy

Tucked away behind what appears to be a regular burger joint, The Butcher offers a hidden speakeasy experience. You’ll need a reservation and a password to enter this exclusive bar. Once inside, you’ll be treated to a menu of expertly crafted cocktails in a stylish, intimate setting. It’s the perfect spot to kick off your night with a sense of mystery and excitement.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight (HPS) is a cozy cocktail bar that transports you back to the glamour of the 1920s. With its vintage decor, dim lighting, and classic cocktails, HPS is a haven for cocktail connoisseurs. The bartenders here are true mixologists, serving up both classic and innovative drinks. This hidden gem is perfect for a sophisticated night out with friends.

The Waterhole: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Haven

If you’re a fan of live music and a rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere, The Waterhole is the place to be. This lively bar offers live music every night, ranging from rock and blues to funk and soul. With its vibrant atmosphere and energetic crowd, The Waterhole guarantees a night of fun and dancing. It’s an excellent spot to experience Amsterdam’s dynamic music scene.

Door 74: The Ultimate Speakeasy Experience

Door 74 is one of Amsterdam’s first speakeasy-style bars and remains a favorite among locals and visitors alike. This bar exudes a Prohibition-era vibe with its hidden entrance, vintage decor, and expertly crafted cocktails. Reservations are highly recommended as Door 74 is often packed. It’s a fantastic place to enjoy a night of elegant drinks and conversation.

House of Bols: Cocktail and Genever Experience

For a truly immersive experience, visit the House of Bols. This unique bar and museum combination offers an interactive journey through the world of cocktails and Dutch genever. After the tour, head to the Mirror Bar, where bartenders will craft personalized cocktails based on your preferences. It’s a fun and educational way to enjoy some of the best drinks Amsterdam has to offer.

Xtracold Icebar Amsterdam

Step into a winter wonderland at the Xtracold Icebar, where everything is made of ice, from the walls to the glasses. Upon entry, you’ll be given a thermal coat and gloves to keep warm as you enjoy your drinks in this frosty setting. The Icebar offers a unique and refreshing experience, especially on a hot summer night. It’s a cool spot to chill with friends and take some memorable photos.

Cafe de Dokter: A Step Back in Time

Cafe de Dokter is the smallest and one of the oldest bars in Amsterdam, dating back to 1798. This tiny bar is filled with antique medical instruments, giving it a quirky and historic charm. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make it a perfect spot for an intimate drink and a taste of Amsterdam’s history.

A’DAM Toren: Themed Floors and Spectacular Views

A’DAM Toren is more than just a bar; it’s a multi-level experience with themed floors offering different atmospheres. Start with cocktails at the chic MADAM bar on the top floor, where you’ll enjoy panoramic views of Amsterdam. Then head down to The Loft for a stylish lounge experience or to Shelter, the basement club, for a night of dancing. Each floor offers a unique vibe, making A’DAM Toren a versatile spot for any night out.

Mama Kelly Amsterdam: Pink Paradise

Mama Kelly Amsterdam is an Instagram-worthy themed bar and restaurant bathed in pink. This stylish venue, located in the Olympic Stadium, offers a unique dining and drinking experience with a menu centered around lobster and chicken. The chic pink decor and glamorous ambiance make it a perfect spot for a girls’ night out or a special celebration. Don’t forget to snap some photos in this pink paradise!

Enhancing Your Bar Experience

While exploring Amsterdam’s themed bars, make sure to add some nightlife adventures to your itinerary. Join our Red Light Pub Crawl for a social and fun night exploring the iconic Red Light District. For a high-energy party experience, our Downtown Club Crawl takes you to some of the hottest clubs in Amsterdam. With VIP entry, free shots, and drink specials, both pub crawls are perfect for making new friends and experiencing Amsterdam’s legendary nightlife.

Wrap Up

Amsterdam’s themed bars offer a diverse range of experiences, each with its own unique charm. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated speakeasy, a lively music venue, or a frosty ice bar, this city has it all. For more ideas on what to do in Amsterdam, visit our Ultimate Party Amsterdam blog and start planning your ultimate night out!

Don’t forget to book your Ultimate Party Pub Crawl and make your Amsterdam experience truly unforgettable. Cheers to an incredible night out!