Amsterdam Beer Bike + Pub Crawl Combo


Embark on an epic Amsterdam adventure with our exclusive Beer Bike and Pub Crawl Combo! Kickstart your day with a lively ride on the Beer Bike, pedaling through the streets with friends while enjoying 20 litres of refreshing beer or 12 bottles of bubbly. As the sun sets, transition seamlessly into a night of unforgettable experiences with our legendary Pub Crawl! 


  1. Daytime Delight: Pedal your way through the streets on the Beer Bike with room for up to 15 people, guided by our expert driver.
  2. Refreshing drinks: Choose between 20 litres of beer or 12 bottles of bubbly for a refreshing experience on the Beer Bike.
  3. Nighttime experience: Embark on an Amsterdam nightlife adventure with one of our Pub Crawls, discovering the finest bars and clubs in the lively districts with a fun and friendly group.
  4. Smooth Transitions: After wrapping up your Beer Bike ride, seamlessly return to the city and dive straight into your Pub Crawl night.
  5. All-Inclusive Package: Benefit from bike rental, guide/driver services, wind and rain protection, and seamless entry into one of our Pub Crawl’s vibrant nightlife.

Immerse yourself in a full day and night of excitement with our Amsterdam Beer Bike and Red Light Pub Crawl Combo! The adventure begins as you pedal through Amsterdam’s streets aboard the Beer Bike, enjoying scenic views and refreshing beverages. With room for 16 people, this is the perfect activity for groups seeking daytime fun.

As the sun sets, your journey seamlessly transitions into a night of revelry with our Red Light District or Leidseplein Pub Crawl. Join a lively group and explore the city’s best bars and clubs, enjoying free shots or drinks, engaging games, and the vibrant atmosphere of Amsterdam’s nightlife. 

What’s included:

    • Bike rental
    • 12 litres of beers or 16 bottles of bubbly
    • Room for 16 People
    • Knowledgeable Driver
    • Wind and rain protection to ensure a comfortable ride 
    • Ticket for Leidseplein or Red Light District Pub Crawl

from €60 per person


To comply with local regulations, our hosts can’t guide you in the streets during the Pub Crawl. However, we’ve crafted a seamless solution! Upon arrival, scan a QR code to join our exclusive WhatsApp group. There, you’ll find the night’s route, including bar names, timings, and Google Map links, ensuring you can easily navigate the evening’s adventure. While our hosts won’t guide you outdoors, they’ll be partying with you in every bar, making sure your night is filled with excitement and memorable moments.

Meeting place beer bike: 

Meet us at Rhoneweg 1.

Our hosts will have an orange t-shirts/sweater/jacket. 

Meeting Pub Crawls: 
Red Light Pub Crawl: Starts at Black Tiger Bar, downstairs between 8:00 and 9:30pm. Our hosts will have a red tshirt.
Minimum amount of guests: 8 
Amsterdam dress code and entry policy:

* A Valid physical ID is required *

* Casual Attire – No Backpacks, Sweatpants/Gymshorts, Sandals//Flipflops allowed *

*In order to cancel and refund this ticket we require a 72 hour notice in order to do so. In case of refund credit card fees will still be charged*