Leidseplein PUB CRAWL



The Leidseplein pub crawl offers tourists a full night out on the town.  Buy a ticket with us and receive one free beer, wine, or soda at every location, a free shot at the first three places, plus free entrances to all six venues of the night.  Between 8:30 and 9:00, you also get a half hour of unlimited vodka shots.  This pub crawl is known to be one of the largest in Europe and offers more than just free drinks and free entrances to clubs.  Every night we show tourists the best night out in Amsterdam.

What's included:

• 30 minutes free Vodka Shots
• 6 Dance bars and clubs
• 6 free drinks
• Vodka Shots between Venues
• Free Entrance to all venues
• Professional guides
• Girls receive a free Souvenir T-shirt

***Most days we end up in the BIGGEST club in Amsterdam***



Every Tuesday till Saturday I 5 Nights a Week

Starts 8:30 - 9:45 PM

Meeting Place

Candela Bar (Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 85)

Pick up for Dam Sqaure Area

Meet Our Guide in the RED T-SHIRT between 8:00pm  - 8:15pm @ in front of the Albert Heijn behind the Royal Palace on Dam Square! 

Why wait inline when you can book your ticket online! Buy your tickets online, skip the queue and get an additional free JAGERMEISTER shot for making your advance purchase!


* A Valid physical ID is required *
* Casual Attire - No Backpacks, Sweatpants/Gymshorts, Sandals//Flipflops allowed *

*Tickets not available for New Years Eve, King's Night or Halloween Pubcrawl

*In order to cancel and refund this ticket we require a 48 hour notice in order to do so. In case of refund we will still charge for the credit card fees