Amsterdam Hostels

Hostels are the best places to meet people and stay in great locations on a budget. Find out more about Amsterdam hostels here!

Staying in a Hostel is a rite of passage for many younger travellers visiting Amsterdam. The days of budget bed-bug ridden dorms with 40 impoverished hippies are long gone in Amsterdam and a new generation of modern, comfortable hostels have sprung up across the city. Whilst hostels aren’t as cheap as they used to be and you’re more likely to find yourself enjoying a cocktail at the bar than a can of cheap lager in a cramped room, hostels still have a wonderfully social atmosphere which make them perfect for groups or solo travellers alike.

Here, we take you through 5 reasons why you should stay at a Hostel in Amsterdam!

1) Affordability

Amsterdam ain’t cheap. The city is one of the pricier capitals in Europe and although it’s perfectly possible to enjoy the city on a budget, accommodation can easily eat up your partying fund. And with many of the city’s hostels being home to some of Amsterdam’s cheapest bars (think beer pong, happy hour deals and resident discounts!), they’re the perfect places to get the party started.

By staying in a dorm room in one of the city’s best hostels, you can save plenty of money which we promise you will be much better spent in the city’s bars! For more tips on saving money in Amsterdam, check out this blog here!

2) Meeting New People

Perhaps the best part of staying in a hostel is all the new friends you’ll make! Many people prefer to stay in hostels because of their social nature – travelling solo can be a bit lonely if you’re staying in hotels, but in hostels you’re sure to make mates from all over the world every night! With an almost unlimited number of new drinking buddies, you’re never alone in a hostel!

3) Sustainability

With many young travellers becoming increasingly aware of the carbon footprint of their adventures, sustainability is a word on everyone’s lips! With their more *ahem* basic facilities, shared rooms, communal kitchens and laidback vibe, hostels are some of the most environmentally sustainable places to stay.

4) Safety in numbers!

Many people travelling alone enjoy the security that comes from staying in a hostel. Whether you’re looking for buddies to go out drinking with or the reassurance of being surrounded by likeminded travellers, hostels can give a feeling of security that you wouldn’t get in a cheap airbnb (which can often be found in the dodgier neighbourhoods). And there are always hostel staff who are happy to help if you feel unsafe.

5) Perfect group accommodation in Amsterdam!

If you are visiting as a group, it can be difficult to keep the cost down to the point where it’s affordable for everyone in the group – that’s where hostels come in! Most hostels have a selection of large dormitory-style rooms that can be booked privately. It’ll be just like the sleepovers of the old days but you’re in Amsterdam, not your mother’s house.

If you’re convinced and want to know more about which hostel is right for you, why not check out the ‘Top 5 Hostels in Amsterdam’ on our friends at When in Amsterdam’s website here!