Bike Rental Amsterdam

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When it comes to transport in Amsterdam, the bike is king of the road. In fact, there are more bikes than people in the Dutch capital and the humble bicycle is a Dutchie’s best friend and most prized possession – anyone who has inadvertently stumbled into the bike path or forgotten to check before crossing the road whilst on a boozy evening in Amsterdam will know that messing with the city’s cyclists is a quick and easy way to invite the wrath of locals.

But what if you fancy a go at cycling Amsterdam-style, yourself? Cycling is something of a must-do for many people visiting the city and is arguably the best way to see the city sights. It’s the perfect way to burn off some of the excesses of a trip to Amsterdam (think pancakes, fries with mayonnaise and plenty of delicious local beer!) whilst seeing this stunningly beautiful capital through the eyes of local people (the majority of whom cycle daily, rain or shine!).

Cycling in Amsterdam can be pretty intense – people are rushing into work or jumping between meetings and aren’t always particularly patient with tourist cyclists who may not have ridden a bicycle for years. If you’re a bit rusty, it’s always best to get pedalling through the city’s parks till you’ve got your balance and avoid cycling during rush hour. The best way to do this is to park up and hop into a café when the roads are at their busiest – by the time you’ve had a coffee and a slice of the local favourite – Appel Gebak (a delicious apple cake, dusted with cinnamon and served warm with plenty of whipped cream) – you’ll be refuelled and ready to get back on your bike in peace!

A word of warning – cycling whilst stoned/drunk is a terrible idea. Whilst it’s true that you will likely see hundreds of locals jumping on their bikes after one too many beers at club closing time, tgus us not a good idea. In order to avoid a fine or even an expensive visit to a Dutch hospital, save the cycling for the day and relax with a couple of beers afterwards.


There are loads of places to hire bikes in Amsterdam – for flexible bike rental options, find out more here!

And once you’ve cycled around the city, you’ll definitely have earned a few beers… You deserve it!